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an artist, curator, researcher and writer, tsao yidi is specialised in the intersection of immersive and experiential media art, speculative design, science and emerging technologies. she is currently based in berlin, germany and previously studied and worked in hong kong. having worked as editor, translater, producer with creative talents from different cultural backgrounds, her postdisciplinary practice has materialised in essays, fictions, exhibitions, performances and public interventions. her repertoire of knowledge extends beyond arts to psychology, cognitive science, hactivism, internet policy and hacker culture. she speaks mandarin, cantonese, english, german and french. here's what media says about her previous works. at the moment, she is focusing on building an immersive experiential design studio fulfilment centre, whose purpose is to amplify our shared humanity, make sense of our existence, remind us of the wonder of the universe in an oversaturated informational world.


tsao_yidi (a.k.a esnufkin brusda) is humanoid, earth-bound blobject who likes freedom, scientific method, wonky art & civil tech. she thrives on novice experiences in spacetime continuum, and anticipates a regenerative movement of human mind.
her practice is informed by various existing and imagined cultures and disciplines to acknowledge the uncertainty and complexity of humanity's existence through embodied knowledge transfer.
she arrived on planet Earth in Yingkou, received education in Hong Kong and now lives in Berlin. 
she has travelled extensiveky in the US, East&SE Asia, Europe, Australia and South Africa. born a philosophical vagabond, yidi values life as a holiday to planet Earth, and our existence nothing but a vessel that is filled by our experiences.
she runs a monthly bookclub SyFy BukLub, misreading The Big Book of Science Fiction and blasting about the utopian visions.
she is proud citizen and the Leading Investigative Nurse of THE AMBULATORY FREE STATES OF OBSIDIA, a radical feminist micronation.
she also serves as KoolRabbi of orangeudaism, a wiki happy religion.
in her spare time, she likes gardening, cycling, bouldering, meditating, ashtanga, tinkering, 3d printing, droning and cooking. please don't hesitate to get in touch with her if things you are reading here pick your interest. she loves mysterious, random encounters! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)



V.i.S.d.M. (§5 TMG)
Yidi Tsao, Seumestrasse 24, 10245 Berlin